OGIO Devolver Golfbag

One of the most valuable assets that a company can have in a market as saturated as golf bags is input from a fresh perspective. Given our past success with product enhancements, OGIO, a golf bag company built on innovation, came to us seeking just that. They gave us a handful of questions to answer through research, looking for something they hadn’t thought of before.

Putting together an extensive ethnographic research program, we evaluated every way in which consumers handle their golf bag. From storage to transportation to the course, we wanted to find ways to further the innovative nature of OGIO. What stood out when talking to consumers about their golf bags was the common response of “which one?”

Many golfers we talked to owned multiple bags. They had lighter bags for walking, small bags to take to the driving range and heavier, luxury bags to show off at golf scrambles or business trip outings. This inspired us to create the very first bag that could accommodate every one of these purposes at any time.

It begins with the luxury bag. Staying true to OGIO’s established and successful brand standards we created a premium golf bag complete with all of the bells and whistles you’d want to show off. The innovation comes in when the bag effortlessly disassembles into smaller bags, each with a unique purpose. The bulky, exterior pockets peel off, leaving a bag light enough to carry while walking with ease. Inside the main frame, an even smaller bag pulls out, which is perfect for trips to the driving range. Our design allows avid golfers to purchase one bag for use at any of their golf functions.

The one-size-fits-all product was a success in the market and most importantly, generated valuable media attention for OGIO, reinforcing them as the leaders in innovation for golf bags.

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