Opportunity Analysis

We work with our clients to build a research program that will target a specific end-users and understand what paint points exist for the specific product or space. We utilize a variety of ethnographic research methods such as focus groups, individual interviews, user sequencing, guerilla webfare, expert mining, and fly on the wall observations. 

We understand that a great end-user solution must meet other stakeholder requirements beyond the end-user to optimize the chance of success in the market.

After executing research we evaluate the findings on their own as well as against historical research findings and inputs from the client. We use this evaluation and the consolidated stakeholder requirements to build a Design Matrix as well as use algorithmic software to weigh design attribute requirements against one another relatively.

Concept Generation

Armed with data from the Opportunity Analysis phases we begin concept generation. This is an “all-hands-on-deck” phase on the front end as we brainstorm concepts for capitalizing upon unmet/poorly met end-user needs as well as focus on achieving client stakeholder requirements.

Outputs in this phase range from single feature functionality sketches and illustrated renderings, to proof-of-concepts and rapid prototypes. We execute whatever is needed to successfully communicate design intent and viability.


After generating concepts, we validate with end-users to ensure maximum opportunity for success to fine tune the concept prior to prototype investment.

After validation results come in final evaluation criteria is set and concepts can be objectively measured against all stakeholder and end-user requirements. This process objectively illuminates strengths and weaknesses of each design concept and allows decision makers the ability to provide concise guidance on how to proceed forward.


Outputs in this phase can include 3-D CAD drawings and spec packs with material feature-function call-outs for manufacturing, itemized bill-of-materials, realistic 3-D renderings, etc. As needed we communicate directly with the manufacturer’s supplier facilitates to ensure quality control of design intent is sustained.

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